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Supernatural forces in Rheinfelden

On the trail of a medium. For over 29 years "Madame Michèle" has been working as a healer and psychic. Besides her work as a therapist and healer, the psychic is also a painter while being a medium. For the past few years she has been building a vacation home for children in the Bernese Jura, and has done so with her personal means. We had an interesting discussion with Madame Michèle.

She says that with her paintings she wants to pass on positive energies. Her paintings, many of which are in soft shades of blue, are to have an inspiring effect, others a more calming one. Madame Michèle paints with her fingers and uses acryl and oil, she does not use a brush. All proceeds from her paintings are put into her vacation home for children in the Bernese Jura, where single parent families can spend two weeks of vacation free of charge. "This is the purpose of my life" she states, "to help others in difficult situations. I work up to 20 hours a day and never feel really tired," she laughs. "I know how to replenish my energy level. When I'm exhausted, I retreat and paint. This gives me energy."


For over a quarter of a century Madame Michèle has been working as a healer and psychic and she still enjoys it immensly. "I try to provide harmony and love and I do this by laying on my hands.

Many people who come to see me, have lost focus on their lives and no longer know how to go on. They are going in one particular direction only. This is where I try and help them refocus." She explains that she sees with the third eye, and with her fingertips she feels the postive or negative energies of the person in front of her.
"I concentrate, put myself in this person's position and feel where the pain lies, regardless of whether this is psychological or physical." Though one cannot be separated from the other.

She says that when she is in psychic trance, she simply reacts on vibrations, feelings and energies. "I tell people the truth and show them the direction of the path of life lying ahead of them but of course they have to walk down the path on their own." She says that there is a destiny that can be influenced and one, that is fix. She attempts to explain this to people so they can take their destiny into their own hands. "It is very important to me that nobody becomes dependant," she says. I provide my energy and support the positive forces in people. I always say that I am a battery, a channel."


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Madame Michèle, Albrechtplatz 3 / Kupfergasse 5, 4310
RHEINFELDEN – Tel. 076 422 82 67  von  10.00  bis  20.00 Uhr

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